Monday, September 20, 2010

Manasquan, NJ

We are here until at least Tuesday, while we wait for a fuel filter to come in. A local named Gary, who has sailed up and down the East Coast and in the Caribbean a bunch of times in his own Cape Dory, spotted us our first day here and came by to say hi. What a nice guy: he's driven us all around the area to the supermarket, the hardware store, and a bunch of marine supply stores. He's full of great boat and cruising advice, which he dispenses in the least pedantic manner I've ever experienced from anyone who says "Here's what you need to do..." I think part of this effect is created by his nodding gently while you talk, then repeating back your last few words in a ruminative but affirmative tone before he tells you what you're doing wrong. One of his favorite expressions with us is: "Weeeeell, you live and learn..."

Here is the marina we're staying in. Technically, it's in Brielle, which is right next to the town of Manasquan--which we'll explore later today--and on the Manasquan Inlet. It's a quaint little place. The lavender bathroom is straight out of the 50s.

I've taken a liking to the colorful hoses on dock.

And to prove that not everything is boat maintenance and provisioning, here are some pics of the Point Pleasant boardwalk and our ride on the Manasquan Water Taxi. Kitsch galore!

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