Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall in Cape May

Biking under fall-turning trees and cloudy skies in town yesterday reminded me of biking to a new school year as a kid (and again as an adult in law school). Fall in France is known as "La Rentree," which is when everyone comes back from summer holidays and gets to work or a strike. Here, we have "Back to School," but it only applies to students. Still, it does seem like the change in season brings with it a pressure to reactivate and reload.

I wonder if it's because, as we get closer to the end of the year, we feel that time is running out to accomplish something in 2010 that we will feel proud about come January 2011. Or maybe we already have accomplished a lot in 2010, so we rewarded ourselves with a summer lull and now want to get back and carry forward that earlier momentum?

Amidst this speeding up of activity around me, I am still adjusting to a lifestyle that is all about slowing down and taking everything day by day. I am most anxious and displeased with sailing when I expect that we will leave a certain day or time, and a front appears and messes it all up. I guess I am learning to let go of expectations in favor of hopes.

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