Thursday, September 02, 2010

Living aboard

I have been living on a boat now for two days. The best thing so far: I sleep like a baby after I stalk and smack dead the few stray mosquitos that make it past the screens. The worst: having to trek the two minute walk to the marina's public bathrooms. It's not far, but the minutes preceding any visit to a bathroom are precious--and one is vulnerable en route to and fro.

The kitchen is out of commission until the heat breaks a little bit, and the fridge is repaired, which is fine with me since it means more Tacqueria! Their pork tacos are the best I've had, and they carry apple soda..yumm.

Our departure is delayed until sometime next week, thanks to Hurricane Earl working its way up north this weekend, but I already feel miles away from NY. Our marina is just a short ferry ride (or a longer walk + PATH ride) to the city, but this scenery on our walk to anywhere other than the ferry makes me feel like we've already sailed and docked in the boonies.

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