Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Post in Manasquan

Yesterday, it looked like the wind would finally be favorable enough to leave Manasquan and head on an overnight offshore leg to Cape May, NJ.  Evan and I started our last day by skipping cereal in the boat and heading to the local breakfast mecca called Breakfast.

This is what remained after we labored at our plates for an hour. Their version of huevos rancheros: beef chili (of course!?), potatoes, green peppers, and eggs. The plus side of this weird breakfast was that we wouldn't have to cook for at least two meals!

Later, on the way back to the boat, we saw a house with what looked like a Halloween TP hangover. Turns out it was just an example of the bizarre suburban high school practice of cheerleaders "decorating" varsity football players' houses the night before a big game. (The cheerleaders are not being mischievous or tongue in cheek at all; this really is meant to be decorative and a morale booster.) My best friend was a cheerleader in a suburban high school in Jersey, and I bemoaned then, as now, how sexist and lame it is to make cheerleaders spend hours baking brownies and crafting lawn decorations for football players. Pity the poor parents too--may they pass the chore of cleaning up.

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