Thursday, December 02, 2010

I'm Back! (Kinda)

The short Thanksgiving reunion with family in Paris was fun, hectic, magical, nostalgic, and *very* cold. It was below freezing most of the time, and it snowed! Not much stuck for longer than an afternoon, but, still, it was the first time I saw snow in Paris.

Paris was a little grimier than I'd left it in 2007, and there were more crazy vagabonds sleeping on the streets and scratching themselves in the subways, but some things were unchanged: every neighborhood had its optique (eyeglass boutique), soins esthetique (mini-spa), pharmacies, and agence immobilier (real estate agency). I was sad, however, to discover that the Vietnamese take-out near my old apartment was gone. The owner was one of my first neighborhood friends, keeping me company and talking my ear off while I blew on my pho.

Strangely, I didn't feel any sense of homesickness for my former life in Paris until I went to the grocery store. It was the rows of yogurts and Le Petit Marseillais soaps. And later, passing over the Gare du Nord late at night on the number 2 line of the metro: the sight of the trains resting on the rails like great silver serpents has always been one of my favorite things in Paris.

Now I'm back in Florida, and when in Florida, why not go to Disneyworld?

Disney charges $18.95 for a 5x7 print, so the above is my pic of the screen showing our shot. Keh keh keh. 

Soon I'm off to NY for a few days to take care of my dog until my friend Tommy can take over. I can't wait to see my Susie!!!


  1. You must have had a lovely time with your family in Paris. :) It has indeed been far colder in Europe now than for decades, especially in central Europe and Britain, strange, that. But have fun in NY and I'm looking forward to reading more of your travels. :)


  2. Oh my god. You and I may have ben in Paris at the same time. I was there until the 26th!