Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quiet Weekend

I just finished watching the Alfred Hitchcock movie "North by Northwest." The first thing that struck me in the opening scenes (besides the supernaturally glossy, perfectly coiffed and curled hairdos) was that back in the 50s (and most of history, I guess), if you saw a woman in the street, you probably knew exactly what she did. She was a typist, secretary, receptionist, switchboard operator, mother, wife. Wow am I glad things have changed since then. It's pretty amazing, actually.

Before that, I ran into Mike, the Palin-loving, Obama-hating, the US-is-going-socialist guy I've become unlikely friends with here in the marina. He'd just brought his new kitten home from the ASPCA, so Susie and I went over to his dock to meet her. She was scrappy and hissed at me in my hands when Susie so much as looked at her. I gave her claws back to Mike, and we had a nice morning chat about sanding and oiling, the weather, cats and dogs, Christmas, Chinese buffet, and political asylum. It never ceases to amaze me how little politics matter sometimes, and how people you might otherwise call idiots are perfectly nice and funny and intelligent. I like to think that his political views aren't as fixed as he thinks they are (and I'm sure he's thinking the same about me--or that I'm a nice idiot), and that one day he'll realize that his views contradict truer parts of his character and could better reflect his way of interacting with the world. After all, with me, he's been nothing but easygoing and open. I don't mind that he's misguided, and he doesn't mind that I am either. Why should we when we both love thrift stores?

Here are some more pics of Susie enjoying the boat. Did I mention that I've trained her to go potty on the astroturf mat on deck?! YES!!!!! Cold windy nights just got a whole lot better. (Though, out of respect for her canine dignity, I have not taken any photos to prove the feat.)
Susie in the big park
Huh, I'm a hot happy dog...
I'm coming!
Mid-head shake...
I like having a deck.

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  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    north by northwest is awesome! great bernard hermann score! can you watch movies abord?