Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Space Coast

We've been on the move since St. Augustine, making daily motor-sailing trips through Palm Coast, Titusville, Cocoa Beach, and, today, Melbourne to get to Vero Beach, which is within a reasonable driving distance to the Miami Airport, where I need to catch a flight in a few days.

This part of Florida is nicknamed the Space Coast because we are near Cape Canaveral. I will remember it more as the land of eye and ear exam office storefronts--and antique shops.

It seems that people around here are in the gentle process of losing things, or getting rid of things. That said, I can see why aging people choose to stay or come to this part of Florida: the light is just spectacular, the weather is easy, and there is community, like at this really great shuffleboard court, where a regional tournament was underway.

What's not to like? Especially when there are manatees hanging out in the local marinas!

Here's a slideshow of Titusville, my favorite of the Space Coast towns we've passed through.


  1. I always thought old things, and people are fascinating...:) And what a weird creature that manatee is!

    Love, Piia

  2. "the gentle process of losing things" -- very nice. that's exactly how i imagine what it must be like to get old in a suburban dreamland of palm trees, cloudless skies, and outdated associations with cold war space exploration. have fun in parigi, jane!