Monday, November 01, 2010

Entering South Carolina

Turkey vulture

Since my last post, Evan and I have traipsed on south out of North Carolina and into South Carolina, a truly charming place with salt marshes, palms, huge live oaks covered in Spanish moss, and, so far, nothing but balmy breezes. There are ospreys and egrets and blue herons, the latter of which are graceful and beautiful until they open their mouths and let out an incredibly loud "RAAAAAWK!!!"

There is also mini-golf in North Myrtle Beach, which hosts the pro mini-golf Masters. Highway 17 is where it's at, and we couldn't help but get sucked into...the Molten Mountain. We were, after all, getting some lettuce at the supermarket just across the street!
Surveying the lay of the land
We played a round, which was moderately fun despite the astro-turf funk and occasional retrieval of a golf ball from dry ice-steaming Kool-Aid blue streams. As we left Molten Mountain, the building-volcano erupted in a pyrotechnic blaze. So much flash for a mediocre mini-golf course! Oh well.

Onwards to the Waccamaw River, where the highlight was a joke from the former "male dancer" cab driver who took us from the Wacca Wache Marina to CVS:
"So there's this drunk. He's married but goes out drinking with his buddies every night. One night, he comes home carrying a chicken under his arm. His wife opens the door, and he says, "This is the pig I've been fucking." She looks at him scornfully and says, "You idiot, that's a chicken" to which he replies, "I was talking to the chicken."
Today, we arrived in McClellanville, SC, a tiny southern shrimping town with a population of 516, as of July 2009. This is how we spent the afternoon:

I climbed a great live oak.
Where'd she go?
In the treetop..
I swung on a tire-swing.

We walked around town: trees and houses, two restaurants, and a couple of shops.

Driftwood sculpture and art gallery
The main drag.
Perfect for Halloween
Spanish moss grows on *everything.*
And Evan found another tire-swing.

Tomorrow, we head to Charleston! We'll spend at least 4 days there, soaking in some southern Creole style.

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  1. Great pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in what us locals refer to as "the village". Stop by if you want to stay up to date with us.