Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Visiting Land Life

Last night, Evan and I took advantage of a sailor friend's offer to use his Vespa to get around town, and we drove in the evening chill to watch "The Town" at Bow-Tie Cinemas, a 15-minute drive outside the historic downtown area of Annapolis. (Good but 95% on RottenTomatoes?) I was thrilled to be doing something from my everyday life before cruising, much like I was thrilled to go out on a sailboat when I lived on land. It's odd, what becomes a treat in what context.

Today, though, was an even bigger treat in terms of reliving my landlubber days. After Evan and I strolled around historic downtown in the early afternoon, I spent the rest of the day doing some of my favorite things that are impossible to do on the boat:

--turtling around used bookshops;
--petting every dog whose owner says yes;
--walking aimlessly and taking pictures;
--enjoying the smell of flowers and trees and and wafts of cologne/perfume from people passing by;
--hanging out in a window seat at the local coffeeshop, people-watching with pen, notebook and coffee; and
--chatting with complete strangers over a counter.

Ah, the pleasures of life on land, especially in an actual city.

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