Sunday, October 17, 2010

Artesian water

A few facts about where we were up til this afternoon: Dismal Swamp water is supposedly so clean (because it is so acidic, no bacteria can grow in it) that it was barreled as drinking water for ocean passages. It was even slated to serve as drinking water for astronauts until, alas, reverse osmosis technology came along. The water is red and foamy, thanks to tannins from the cypress and juniper forests. The evening around it smells like honeysuckle. The Dismal Swamp was part of the Underground Railroad: it is only just that the swamp should have sheltered the slaves passing through it, considering that it was the slaves who dug the Dismal Swamp Canal for US Army Corps of Engineers in the first place.

A slideshow will be up as soon as we get 3G or faster Wi-fi than this coffeeshop in Elizabeth City has.

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