Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snowballs in August

I saw this license plate driving out of the city. A New York plate. Above the New York tag reads, "Choose Life," then the bottom, "God is Pro-Life." I always thought if I ever had a car, I would never put any bumper stickers or plates or anything that says anything about who I am. Who needs complete strangers to read into your life? (Oh wait, is a blog very different? Yes! I get to go on and on about what I think!)

Anyway, this month is full of big and small decisions, all of which are snowballing this week. Do I go sailing? (Yes) For how long? (Dunno) Do I keep my apartment or sublet it? (Neither) If I let the lease expire, where do I store my stuff? (Just picked the storage place today) How much of my stuff do I keep, throw away, and sell? (I won't bore you.) What movers do I use? (Same) Where do I board Susie? (Glencadia Dog Camp, NY) Do I keep my COBRA while I'm gone? (Dunno) Where do I have mail forwarded to? Should I switch phone plans? What do I take on the boat? AGH!

I go breathe now and attack another box.

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