Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paradise on Earth

I am at an artists' residency called Jentel, which is near Sheridan, Wyoming. I will be here for a month, this magical winter have, nestled in a valley that is surrounded by rippling, ancient seabed hills, all creamy white and ochre and sienna: snow, winter grass, and lightning struck stone. Horses and Angus cows dot the landscape in their thick and shaggy winter coats, impervious to the dry cold.

The house is beautiful and full of light, space, color and art. I feel incredibly grateful and...inspired? I think that is the word for it: a feeling of complete safety, of being wholly nurtured and appreciated, of being surrounded by incredible beauty, all of which gives rise to wordless giddiness and impatience to write. It feels easy to focus feels good.

Today was a busy day in town, running errands and seeing some of the local spots. Starting tomorrow, though, I plan on doing nothing but reading, writing, eating, sleeping, snowshoeing, and playing with the various Jentel cats and dogs.

Here are some recent pics...

Essential in WY (though not in public restrooms)
About to land in Sheridan, WY...
Landed on snow, despite Sisyphean snowplough trucks
Rolling snowy hills
Town park for a few bison and elk
This little one is sick, according to the man in front of the fence.
Daddy's not feeling too hot, either.

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  1. This looks so incredibly peaceful. Hope you make the most of it! Looking forward to a full report.