Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prawns of the land

Yesterday's P.S. was a good note to self: this morning, I woke up to find the biggest cockroach I've ever seen, in the far corner of the room, on its back, its legs and antennae waving slowly, languorously, as though taking an upside down, leisurely swim--then frenzied, like many small schoolchildren waving, "Hello! hello!" at a passing tourist bus.

Its head would curl up from time to time, as if trying to do a sit-up. Which was what it was probably trying to do in fact. Its antennae were very long, and it reminded me of the tiger prawn I ate last night, half-heartedly, after having to ask the waiter to have them de-shelled. Moving my fork around the crooked little legs was too much, as was tearing the flesh from the shell while I stared at the beady dead eyes and the many antennae pointed accusingly at me.

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